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Wed,Oct 22,2014
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PARIS, Oct. 22 -- Chinese President Xi Jinping and his French counterpart Francois Hollande have wri[Full report]
Editor's note:Most of the animals in animated films are cute and kind, but they can we wild in the r[Full report]
Sun Yumin, a Peking opera master, sings an aria from “The Female Prisoner”. (People's Daily Online/Kong Defang)Beijing Oct. 21 (People's Daily Online) - The 4th International Show for Peking, Kun and Other Chine[Full report]
A visitor makes pumpkin lanterns during the annual pumpkin exhibition in Klaistow, south of Berlin, [Full report]
Movie "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies", an upcoming 2014 epic fantasy adventure film, to [Full report]
Models in the fashion show. (CNS/Yang Zhixiong)
A fashion show, with the theme of "dialogue between Chinese elements and contemporary fashion", was [Full report]
(Source:News.cn) (Source:News.cn) (Source:News.cn) (Source:News.c[Full report]
The blind couple: Tan Fulin and Guo Xiaoning. (Photo/www.cnwest.com)
They are a blind couple. Tan Fulin, a 36-year-old man with amblyopia, can only see something with hi[Full report]
Yao Yi, the champion of the "Youshui Goddess" contest. (voc.com.cn)The "Youshui Goddess" contest is held in Changsha, capital of central China's Hunan province, Oct. 1[Full report]
Ruogaier-Flower Lake Scientific Research Station: Researchers detects the discharge of methane gas. (CRI/Chen Jiadi)Sichuan Ruoergai Wetland National Nature Reserve is the largest alpine peat marsh in the world as we[Full report]
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