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Sat,Nov 1,2014
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(Photo source: news.cn/ent) (Photo source: news.cn/ent) (Photo source[Full report]
Tuokbek, 73, is an eagle trainer in Ili Kazak autonomous prefecture in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. He has trained his golden eagle for years. (Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn)Editor's note: In their boyhood, Kazak men dream of flying free as an eagle. Whey they grow up, they[Full report]
A model presents a fashion creation during the Y'iLuck Yi Ya Collection of the China Fashion Week 20[Full report]
Dancers rehearse before staging their performance "Giselle"at NCPA, Oct 29, 2014. (People's Daily Online/Du Mingming)People's Daily Online, Oct 30, 2014 – People in Beijing have a chance to enjoy the classic and moder[Full report]
The operatic art that has direct relevance to this wonder is Shaanxi opera (pinyin: Qinqiang). Shaan[Full report]
The first Silk Road International Film Festival kicked off in Xi'an on the night of October 20. The [Full report]
LONDON, Oct.30 (People's Daily Online) -- To celebrate Parasol unit’s 10th Anniversary, the 31 works[Full report]
Cute coons play pumpkin lamps in Yunnan Animal Park. (CNS/Liu Ranyang)
People celebrate the coming Halloween on Oct. 30, 2014 across China.[Full report]
A model presents a creation designed by Liu Wei during China Fashion Week in Beijing, capital of Chi[Full report]
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