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Thu,Aug 21,2014
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China, Mongolia should be trustworthy partners for mutual benefit: Chinese president

China and Mongolia should become trustworthy strategic partners aiming for mutually beneficial cooperation, said Chinese President Xi Jinping.

-Xi's Mongolia trip to build closer neighborhood

Xi praises Deng's courage, innovation in statesmanship

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday praised Deng Xiaoping's bravery and innovation as the late leader's most distinctive characteristics.

-Deng's legacy of "strategic thinking" critical for China
- 110th Anniversary of Deng Xiaoping's Birth

Anti-terrorism exercise has nothing to do with America

In terms of its scale and frequency, this series of exercises cannot be compared with those between the U.S. and Japan. It is the intentions of the U.S. and Japan that should be subject to scrutiny.

China to cut enterprises red tape

The Chinese government will roll out more measures to cut red tape for enterprises, according to a statement issued by the State Council, China's cabinet, on Wednesday.

What does the escalation of the Russia- Ukraine dispute mean?

With the escalation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine and the increasing sanctions on Russia, Ukraine and Russia are facing a critical decision. Whether to keep the confrontation going or begin to compromise is a tricky decision for both.

Abe seeking reconciliation with China? Really?

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe seems to be showing his positive side to China and South Korea. He has said in public that it is important to make a real success of the Sino-Japanese Summit.








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