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Wednesday Night Stunt Guitar: Joe Satriani w/ Marco Minneman and Bryan Beller - “Satch Boogie”

Stunt guitar extravaganza
Music • Views: 5,657


Joe Satriani will be featured on a new episode of NPT’s music series Front And Center! This hour long special was filmed recently in New York and will begin airing on October 21st. Check local listings & frontandcenter.com for air times

The new season also includes Counting Crows, Dierks Bentley, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, The Fray, Richie Sambora, Richard Thompson, Paul Rodgers, and John Hiatt!

Are You Ready for Another Condescending, Insulting Ad From Republicans?

Girls and their dresses
Wingnuts • Views: 9,648


This new ad from the College Republican National Committee, pushing Rick Scott for governor of Florida, is about as grotesquely condescending and demeaning to women as it’s possible to be.

Imagine the “brainstorming” sessions for this:

“You know those women, all they think about is makeup and clothes — so how about if we make the candidates into wedding dresses, and the Rick Scott dress is the cool one? It can’t lose! Governor’s office, here we come!”

“Don’t forget, we need at least one African American in it!”

It’s far beyond tone-deaf at this point — Republicans are just getting weird.

In an “Open Carry” State Like Ohio, Why Was John Crawford Shot by Police in Wal-Mart?

The answer is pretty clear
Opinion • Views: 11,186
Image via Shutterstock

Here’s a great article at Salon by Heather Digby Parton on America’s messed up and often racist gun culture, and why “Open Carry” groups don’t understand the factors that create police brutality like the shooting of John Crawford in an Ohio Wal-Mart.

After finally being allowed to view the video of the police shooting of a man in an Ohio Wal-Mart, it’s very hard for any reasonable person to conclude that the authorities acted responsibly. They appear not to have given him any chance to drop the toy gun in his hand before shooting him. It’s possible that they were persuaded by the frightened 911 caller that they were entering a deadly situation, but there’s no evidence they heard anything but a description and location of a black man with an afro, wearing jeans and a T-shirt carrying a rifle and threatening people in Wal-Mart. An Ohio grand jury seems to have thought that it was reasonable for police in that situation to shoot first and ask questions later.

If you didn’t know it was a toy gun, it’s easy to see why someone might be afraid. Any time you see people casually carrying guns around you know there’s the potential for a deadly accident or some kind of altercation resulting in death. But obviously, the answer to that problem is not for the police to simply shoot them down. In fact, Ohio is an open carry state, which means that it is perfectly legal to walk around Wal-Mart with a real AR-15 much less a toy they sell right there in the store.


…Open carry advocates stage demonstrations to “exercise” their right to wear firearms in public all the time. For example, in May a couple of men in Medina, Ohio, walked the streets with such guns slung casually over their backs. Police were called numerous times by people alarmed at the sight of two men carrying AR-15 rifles in the town square. (You can listen to the 911 calls here.) But interestingly, in this case the police didn’t deploy a SWAT team or rush in with guns drawn and start shooting:

Their encounter with police was captured on video cameras, carried by both the men and the officers, which showed the men at first refusing to show their identification when approached by officers. The men complied only after an officer told them they would be disarmed if they didn’t. The officers said they were justified in demanding the IDs because of the 911 calls and because one of the men fumbled when asked his age.

The demand for the ID was the key issue cited by several demonstrators. “We have a constitutional right to carry a firearm to protect ourselves,” said Harry Wynn, of Stow, who wore an AR-15 across his chest and also carried a Glock 30. “Nobody should get forced ID’d because they have a firearm — I don’t care how many 911 calls came in.”

They were asked politely for their IDs. And when they provided them they were allowed to keep walking around in public with real AR-15s. A couple of weeks later a local open carry group staged a demonstration and the police didn’t ID any of them, much less shoot any of them, as they walked up and down the streets of Medina.

Read the whole thing.

First Diagnosed Case of Ebola in Texas

Health • Views: 15,728

This will probably be the big story for the rest of the week: CDC: First Diagnosed Case of Ebola in the U.S..

(CNN) — A patient being treated at a Dallas, Texas, hospital is the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Tuesday.

Several other Americans were diagnosed in West Africa and then brought to the United States for treatment.

The person who first tested positive for Ebola in the United States is a patient at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, hospital spokesman Stephen O’Brien said Tuesday.

The adult patient developed symptoms days after returning to Texas from West Africa, and was admitted into isolation on Sunday, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Your Teabonics Moment of the Day

A Comic Sans masterpiece
Wingnuts • Views: 16,695

Another classic for our Teabonics file, courtesy of @michaelcoleman on Twitter.

  • "IRA" Scandal - check
  • Benghazi misspelled - check
  • Comic Sans font - check

(h/t: Backwoods_Sleuth.)

Creationist Ben Carson: The 2016 Elections Will Be Canceled Due to Anarchy

Off the rails and into the deep weeds
Wingnuts • Views: 17,895


Dr. Ben Carson is a complete lunatic; a hard core young Earth creationist who thinks America is becoming Nazi Germany and abortions are the same as human sacrifice, and who’s now warning that the country is on the brink of such massive anarchy that we’ll be forced to cancel the 2016 elections.

Carson: If in fact we continue to have all these decrees being made the way they’re being made, if in fact we don’t fight the kind of war that needs to be fought in order to really put and end to the threat that is brought on ISIS, if we continue along a pathway of financial irresponsibility, if we continue along a path of envy, greed, hatred, what happened with Occupy Wall Street will be a cakewalk compared to what will begin to happen in this country.

Colmes: What do you mean though when you say there won’t be an election in 2016?

Carson: There may be so much anarchy going on.

Colmes: Anarchy? You think really risk having an anarchic America to the point where elections may be put on hold or some kind of emergency is declared with such anarchy that there wouldn’t be a presidential election in a couple of years.

Carson: I don’t want to find out, I really don’t want to find out. I don’t want to continue down this pathway that we are going down. This pathway where everything is framed in a political sense and our representatives are not working for the people, they’re working for their party.

And this raving loon is considered one of the Republican Party’s front runners for the presidential nomination. A picture of a party that’s completely off the rails.

Pamela Geller’s Latest Anti-Muslim Ads Featuring Beheaded Journalist James Foley Are Pulled

Foley’s parents were disgusted and appalled
Wingnuts • Views: 25,493

The always disgusting hate group leader Pamela Geller has suffered a setback in her campaign to demonize all Muslims, as the family of James Foley (one of the journalists murdered by ISIS) strongly objects to Geller’s use of their son’s image in her ugly NYC subway advertisements, forcing her to pull those ads: Anti-Islamic Ads Depicting American Journalist James Foley Moments Before Death Pulled in NYC.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) - A group running a series of anti-Islamic ads in New York City’s transit system is pulling an ad that shows James Foley with the masked militant who killed him.

The ad, which depicts Foley moments before he is beheaded, is being yanked after criticism from the American journalist’s family.

The ads are paid for by the American Freedom Defense Initiative run by anti-Islam blogger Pamela Geller, whose attorney said the Foley family was notified that the ads were being pulled.

Attorney David Yerushalmi said he wrote their lawyer that “Geller understands and feels intimately the pain” they are suffering.

And that of course, is a pathetically obvious lie; Geller fully intended to exploit the image of their son to spread her hateful agenda, and she obviously did not care about anyone’s pain or suffering. This is what Geller and her cronies do.

British tabloid The Daily Mail has more details:

In his letter, the lawyer asked on behalf of James Foley’s family to withdraw the ad and stop using it.

‘Having lived in and reported from communities in which nearly everyone as of Muslim faith, he had great respect for the religion and those who practiced it.

‘The advertisement you are preparing to run seems to convey the message that ordinary practitioners of Islam are a dangerous threat.

‘This message is entirely inconsistent with Mr Foley’s reporting and his beliefs.’

Mr Rowan concluded his letter by warning the organization that using James Foley’s image to draw funding and attention to the AFDI will cause his family ‘profound distress.’

The Lawlessness of the Ferguson Police Department - Some Officers Still Not Wearing Name Tags

Still not complying with either Department regulations or DOJ demands
Crime • Views: 26,734

Two DOJ letters weren’t enough.

FPD regulations aren’t enough.

The FPD keeps flouting their own rules and regulations, let alone the DOJ letters requiring that all officers comply with Department rules and common sense, and have IDs showing at all time on duty. The fact that they’re not displaying their names shows that they do not want their identities easily known and that they may think that they can act with impunity against a community still angry that the officer who shot and killed an unarmed man, Michael Brown has not been indicted, let alone arrested and charged in that killing.

The Department has repeatedly shown a disregard for the law, including what information was released in relation to the shooting, how the investigation was being handled, and even the identity of the officer involved, his injuries, and other factual evidence that was gathered at the scene.

This is not only reckless disregard for the law, but shows just how lawless this organization is. Ferguson deserves better, and that includes everyone from the mayor to the city council (which includes a former who-should-be-disgraced FPD officer who was involved in another excessive force incident), to the police chief and the officers of the Department itself.

Note too that the Department of Justice issued one of the letters in response to officers wearing bracelets stating “I am Darren Wilson,” which is precisely the wrong message you want to send to the community grieving over the death of Brown, and where eyewitness accounts essentially concur that Wilson not only used excessive force, but engaged in an extrajudicial killing of Brown. They are, in effect, saying that they would do the same thing — and implying that Wilson did nothing wrong.

If you scratch deeper, you’d probably find the same problems with other Greater St. Louis area police departments, including the county police.

A house cleaning will not be sufficient. The rot and stink is too far entrenched for a hodgepodge firing of a couple of officials.

And that also means that Ferguson residents (and those elsewhere in the STL area) have to vote - and vote in every election to see all these folks gone. Antonio French has a big job ahead of him, but he can’t do the lifting alone. It takes time, a GOTV effort, and sustained efforts beyond just this election cycle.

UPDATE at 9/29/14 10:54:32 am by Charles Johnson

Gateway Pundit Listens to Obama Speech, Hears the Word “Great” When Obama Said “Grey,” Derp Ensues

“Barack, we’re praying for you - boy, you’re so GREY.”
Wingnuts • Views: 34,135

Jim Hoft, Dumbest Man on the Internet, now has a co-blogger who’s giving him competition for the title, Kristinn Taylor (who is a man). Today, Taylor has posted yet another mindless attack on Barack Obama, trying to picture him as a narcissist (right wing code for “uppity,” one of Gateway Pundit’s favorite endlessly recurring race-baiting themes) — and to do it, he mistakes the word “grey” for “great:”

OBAMA: “Wherever I See Folks, They Always Say… You’re So Great” (Video) | the Gateway Pundit.

Now, to be fair, Taylor includes a quote from a White House transcript that does (incorrectly) use the word “great,” but he also includes a video clip of the speech at the Congressional Black Caucus dinner in which the word “grey” is crystal clear — and yet still somehow manages to churn out a stupid post claiming Obama called himself “great.”

Here’s the official video, cued up at the section in question, in which Obama is joking about people telling him his hair is turning grey. Could not possibly be more obvious.


Another classic in the annals of Gateway Pundit derpitude.

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