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And Now, Santorum Enters the Clown Car

It’s going to be an all-creationist race on the GOP side
Politics • Views: 1,409

The GOP presidential race is looking a lot like that old circus routine in which dozens of clowns keep climbing out of a tiny car — but in reverse, because the Republicans in this case just keep climbing into the Clown Car. The latest buffoon to elbow his way in: Rick “Man On Dog” Santorum.

CABOT, Pa. — Rick Santorum, who was the runner-up in the Republican primary race four years ago but has never been considered his party’s heir apparent, is announcing his second presidential bid on Wednesday.

A former senator from Pennsylvania, who with his wife home-schooled several of their seven children, Mr. Santorum appeals primarily to social conservatives. He is facing heavy competition for those voters this year from rivals like Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, former Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas and the retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

Santorum, of course, is yet another creationist; so far I don’t think there’s a single GOP candidate who isn’t.

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Audio: In Which I Appear on Bob Cesca’s Podcast to Discuss You Know Who

The Chuck Johnson epitaph
LGF • Views: 8,389

MP3 Audio

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Jason Vieaux and Yolanda Kondonassis: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Harp and guitar - a beautiful couple
• Views: 6,733


To cleanse the mental palate after all of this Chuck C. Johnson whargarrbl, here’s an excellent duo playing several gorgeous modern classical pieces, from NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series.

We rarely invite Tiny Desk alumni back to the confines of Bob Boilen’s work space, but we couldn’t resist this time. Harpist Yolanda Kondonassis and Grammy-winning guitarist Jason Vieaux have both given solo Tiny Desk performances. Since then they’ve paired up for concerts and a new album of works composed especially for their combination of instruments.

Although the harp and guitar are both instruments you pluck and strum, they seem to come from different corners of the classical world. The guitar conjures up the legacy of zesty Spanish music while the harp must contend with the cliché of its angelic role in the orchestra. But when Kondonassis and Vieaux are together, the two instruments seem to merge into a singularly evocative voice. Kondonassis joked that they could call it a “guitarp” until someone quickly Googled and told us there actually is such a contraption.

Music for harp and guitar isn’t easy to come by, so Kondonassis and Vieaux have been busy commissioning works like the opening “Elysian,” part of a larger suite written for the duo by Gary Schocker.

Anything that sounds even vaguely non-Western is a good fit for the duo because most cultures enjoy their own versions of the harp and guitar. Alan Hovhaness, an American composer with a global outlook, weaved Asian ideas into his Sonata for Harp and Guitar, subtitled “Spirit of Trees.” And the duo ends by beating out the interlocking rhythms of the African candombe, which Argentine composer Máximo Diego Pujol placed in his Suite mágica. — TOM HUIZENGA

Set List
Gary Schocker: “Elysian” (from Hypnotized)
Alan Hovhaness: Fuga: Allegro - Andante grazioso, Canon: Allegro (from Sonata for Harp and Guitar, “Spirit of Trees”)
Máximo Diego Pujol: Vals, Candombe (from Suite mágica)

Producers: Tom Huizenga, Maggie Starbard; Audio Engineer: Brian Jarboe; Videographers: Morgan McCloy, Maggie Starbard; Assistant Producer: Meredith Rizzo; photo by Meredith Rizzo/NPR

Chuck Johnson’s Last Twitter Account, @GotNewsDotCom, Is Now Suspended Too

Gone for good
Weird • Views: 14,562

In the final chapter of cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson’s ignominious downfall on Twitter, his last remaining account, @GotNewsDotCom, which he used for auto-posting links to his awful website, is now…

This brings the grand total of Chuck Johnson suspensions to seven.

Chuck really messed with the wrong guy when he posted that tweet about “taking out@DeRay McKesson. It’s a little disturbing, though, that it takes a comment like that to a celebrity to get someone like Chuck banned for good.

When Chuck Johnson stalked me in real life, hunted down the address of a former apartment where I lived years ago (he thought it was current), went there, took pictures of himself standing in front of the building and posted them on Twitter, I filed a report of harassment and revealing private information. I thought this was such an obvious case of cyberstalking that Twitter would have to take action.

But this is what I received from Twitter:

And even with Twitter’s much-vaunted new policies against harassment, Chuck has been blatantly violating the terms of service over and over for months, harassing and stalking women, rape victims and minorities, and posting horribly racist comments by the hundreds.

It’s good that Twitter takes action when someone like @DeRay is involved; but you’ll know they’re really getting serious when they take the same action to protect women with 133 followers as they do for celebrities with hundreds of thousands.

Overnight Acoustic Brilliance: Andy McKee, “Rylynn”

Beautifully expressive
Music • Views: 14,853


From the Andy McKee & Antoine Dufour DVD available at candyrat.com
Official Stropes Guitar Transcription available at stropes.com

This beautiful composition by Andy McKee has a bittersweet quality that evokes emotion and distinctive technique that has fostered innovation in contemporary finger-style guitar. “Rylynn” was one of the compositions that propelled Andy McKee’s YouTube celebrity when it was first uploaded in 2006; today the video has over 28 million views. It was this video that caught the attention of Prince who asked Andy to join him for a series of shows in Australia in 2012.

“Rylynn” was first released in 2005 on the CD Andy McKee/Art of Motion (CandyRat Records). Then, in 2007, a video recording was released on the DVD Andy McKee/Antoine Dufour (CandyRat Records). This printed music is a note-for-note transcription of the performance from the DVD which is now available at candyrat.com

Bam: Chuck Johnson Is Now Suspended for the Sixth Time

Buh bye
Weird • Views: 21,270

I know everybody’s probably getting a little tired of hearing about the Ginger Avenger today, but for completeness’ sake I have to note that the second account Chuck Johnson registered today after his main account was permanently banned, @freechucknow, has now been suspended as well.

(And of course, earlier today he had his lawyer send a ridiculous lawsuit threat to Twitter.)

This brings the number of Johnson’s suspensions to a nice even 6, two of them today. Will he try to come back again, knowing he’s certainly on a watch list now and will get suspended again for continually violating Twitter’s terms of service? Stay tuned for the next thrilling chapter in “The Amazingly Unemployable Chuck Johnson.”

Here’s Chuck Johnson’s Ludicrous Lawyer Letter to Twitter

Call the waaahmbulance
Weird • Views: 26,186

As we mentioned in our previous article, Chuck Johnson has now been suspended five times by Twitter, and his original account with more than 25,000 followers (@ChuckCJohnson) has been permanently banned.

Chuck is definitely not a happy camper about this, and he’s raging like a loon with his latest serial account (@freechucknow) and threatening to sue Twitter. Yes, really!

Via David Holmes at PandoDaily, here’s the utterly absurd letter Chuck Johnson’s lawyer sent to Twitter today. Among other ridiculous and risible points, Chuck and his lawyer are actually making the argument that Twitter owes him the right to use their service to make money.

It’s a completely frivolous case, and Chuck is very obviously praying that Twitter will cave in before they have to take it to trial — because if it goes to trial it will be immediately tossed out in a summary judgment, and the lawyer must know this. I predict Twitter will just ignore this nonsensical threat.

Scribd Document

UPDATE at 5/25/15 1:38:05 pm by Charles Johnson

Via LGF reader “BeachDem,” here are a couple of links to some information about Chuck’s crack legal team:

Jonathon Burns: St. Louis Conservative Activist in on Prank to Punk CNN
John Burns: Brains Behind Anti-MetroLink Campaign Is a Well-Connected Tea Party Activist

Chuck Johnson Registers Another Twitter Account, Is Suspended Again, Registers Another, Threatens to Sue Me

Weird • Views: 31,204

This morning Chuck Johnson tried to get back on Twitter despite being suspended yesterday, by registering a new account with the name @citizentrolling.

And in short order, this account was suspended too. So Chuck being Chuck, he immediately registered another account: @freechucknow. And one of the first things he did with this account was threaten to sue me. A screenshot (instead of an embedded tweet, because I have a feeling this account will be going away soon):

Chuck has now been suspended from Twitter five times, and is heading for a sixth.

UPDATE at 5/25/15 10:59:07 am by Charles Johnson

We should also note that what Chuck Johnson is doing is a direct violation of the Twitter Rules:

Serial Accounts: You may not create multiple accounts for disruptive or abusive purposes, or with overlapping use cases. Mass account creation may result in suspension of all related accounts. Please note that any violation of the Twitter Rules is cause for permanent suspension of all accounts.

UPDATE at 5/25/15 11:17:46 am by Charles Johnson

Chuck Johnson has now confirmed that his original account with more than 25,000 followers is gone for good. He tweeted this with his new account, @freechucknow:

Bad Lip Reading Remixes the Avengers: “REDNECK AVENGERS: TULSA NIGHTS”

“Did you burp in my face again?”
Humor • Views: 24,662


In this new prime-time drama, the Redneck Avengers explore the backwaters of obsession, relationships, and crime-fighting in Oklahoma.

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Cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson Suspended by Twitter for the 4th Time

Will Twitter finally make it permanent?
Terrorism • Views: 42,168

The news of the morning is that sociopathic stalker Chuck C. Johnson has finally crossed the line again, and been suspended from Twitter for the fourth time.

The reason this time: he posted what many construe as a threat to black activist DeRay McKesson:

Was it a serious threat of violence? Chuck will no doubt argue that he was only talking about writing about McKesson. But it needs to be pointed out that Chuck has built a significant following on Twitter of the worst kinds of people — neo-Nazis, white supremacists and right wing extremists of all kinds. He uses the language of violence in a very calculated way, to incite these crazy people against his targets. And Chuck’s targets are: women who report being raped or harassed, black activists and victims of police violence, and anyone who criticizes him publicly.

With me, Chuck crossed the line into real-life stalking, hunting down an address he thought was current (it wasn’t — it was an apartment where I used to live), and posting pictures on Twitter of himself standing outside the apartment building grinning malevolently. Twitter took no action against him for this, even though it’s a very clear violation of their rules.

If past experience is any guide, Johnson will be reinstated by Twitter again, because their much-vaunted new push to protect their users from cyberstalkers like Johnson seems to have no teeth.

And as I wrote this, my prediction came true; he’s already been reinstated by Twitter.

UPDATE at 5/24/15 10:56:22 am by Charles Johnson

Twitter may not have reinstated him; their system is cached and it takes time for results to propagate across their network. He’s showing as suspended in some Twitter clients, and active in others. Time will tell whether he’s gone or not.

UPDATE at 5/24/15 11:10:08 am by Charles Johnson

He’s now showing as suspended in all my Twitter clients, both mobile and desktop.


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