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HUNG VIET national


VAN THANH                               


Viet (Yue) History and civilization

Dear friends
We are sharing a hard task, which seems to be an impossible mission …
So, a giving hand is in order to help with is very important task. Even, if it be one of the most decisive factors for the task’s success. Our forefathers taught that: One tree would not be able to make a thing, but three plants assembled can complete and compliment any piece of work. The success gleaned on behalf of the efforts put forth would be higher than a mountain.
The perception of Hung National on China (ancient Viet) and its legacy is very clear
As, we look at the geographical landscape called China , today.  There are two races and they are as follows:
  • The Hoa Dynasty
  • The Han Dynasty.
These two races or cultural groups, in terms of Archeology, Culture and History, are fundamentally different. The Hoa culture, is the Chinese civilized around Bach Viet—south China , and what is now Vietnam .  The Khan (Han) cultural is the group civilized around the Mongoloid racial group; Basically north of Hoàng Hà river.
Up until the Nguyen dynasty, the Mongolian king kept divided the ethnic groups of the Han and the Hoa; the two main races living on what was to be known as Geographical China.
According to the author’s Nguyen Quang Nhat’s point of view in this website and www.hungtoc.tk, The Han are the people who called their king “Han” (an assimilation of the two words e.g., Han and Hung, The two words together become Hung Han, which means very cruel, enemy people, in the Vietnamese language.)
The origins of both these names seem to be that the term “Han” belongs to the Mongoloid Culture. It totally different from the Nam or (South).  The term “Viet” also belongs to the Southern-Mongoloid who calls their kings (LANG, pronouncing similar to Nam ).
 The Nam is indeed a reflection of the “Majority” or the Bach Viet which is seen as 100- Viet) or Hoa.  Bach Viet, including the present day Vietnamese is the current physical host of the Ancient Chinese Civilization. The Han is the invading culture which through a struggle for dominance intentionally robed our civilization. Why? Among many prove, any one can find the answer in asking the question:  if the Han is the owner of ancient—Bach Viet--Hoa civilization, Han’s kings instead of commanding to burn all historical books, ancient exhibits, would instead make an effort to protect and keep them untouched. The reason many Han’s kings put forth orders to kill, and burn the most essential of the heritage data, is because they needed to make sure that the descendents and future generations of Chinese would forget and have no clue about the history of their National Origins.
The objective of the National Hung history, first and foremost, is to highlight the historical roots of Bach Viet nation and the inception of Ancient China, especially for the branch of Lac Viet (Vietnam today) who represents the core group, the pure uncontaminated Viet race, 15 000 years old Hoa Binh culture. The Ancient Chinese Viet—Hoa is the culture with the governed wisdom and cosmology of I Ching /Dich order, to build their nation and all life significances. In order to understand and make the Nation properly continued and florish, the language of Viet only and singlely could interpret and explain deepest meaning which are based on the principle of I Ching/Law of Change. In the work of the Author, throughout each section: History, Wisdom (Dich ly), and Civilization in this website, the above arguments is clearly higlighted. These research studies will be step by step translated into English. In very short words: Viet Hoa and Ha’n Chinese are entirely different races, which own different system of thought, world view and methods guiding all sphere of activities. They are unable to be grouped by imposing will of the dominated force, such as Han race have been done to the original Hoa Viet over the course of history, 2000 years, since the first Han King, hitherto.
  Right now almost all people have been educated with the forgotten and distorted books written by Chinese Conventional History and are shamely convinced that the nation of China ; the Chinese civilization is the owner of everything including the cultural and historical inheritance North and South of Hoang Ha regions. They presume falsely that they were and still is, the only civilized race inhabiting the region (North China and South East Asia).  They are all naturally in err of this fact. The Han, think they represent the principal civilized part of Asian culture and therefore, the only important part of Asian culture.
The National Hung (One hundred Viet—primal Hoa) never accepted this theory. It acknowledges that more than enough proof can be extracted from history, that we, this generation should and must study our historical origins and cultural legacy in depth in order to make our predecessors (Our Ancestors) legacy, which has been left behind for thousands of year must not be forever lost and wasting away. It is our mission to resurrect it...
The main point in this argument is the reverse point, the negation -- comparing to the conclusion of Han invasion of the NAM, Viet race (Hoa Chinese or One Hundred Viet) is the only people, subject of History and the true primal Chinese civilization: the first navel place, where Viet people inhabited is located in the Northern-Central Vietnamese territory today, the land of the Mountain DO and the River Chu, Ma.
The time the Author Nguyen Quang Nhat speaks of goes back to The Hoa Binh culture, around 15000 years ago.  From this beginning, each time, through each of the 18 Hung generations --dynasties (around more than 40 Hung's Kings--- our Predecessors expanded territory, toward the North. Today-- It is the main driving direction. Until the A^n age, our territory had surpassed the HOANG HA in Ha Nam province, northern regions of currently China, the first capital city of the nation was CHANGAN, a famous city in the Thuong dynasty that has been discovered by archeologists. In the TAN age, our territory expanded to cover the areas up to VAN LY TRUONG THANH (Great Wall).,
   So, the question is, “The Han people, who are they? This community of people who called the King of Han “Their King.” The Han only appeared on earth about two thousand years ago; following the rebellion of the minorities, gang "Luc Lam Thao Khau" namely Luu Huyen Canh Thuy leaders, then Canh Thuy moves up to become the first King of the Han people. King khan/ Han establish the so called "country" Han in region Hoang ha. 
According to tradition the Chinese—Han dynasties made an all out effort to cover the truth, to leave the Chinese People blind of their entire historical periods of their past up to archaic ages.  Han’s historians have absolutely no clue as how to explain the history or culture of China because our Viet forefathers’ principle of establishing and building the Nation with I Ching /Dich order: the language that the Viet only singlely could interpret and explain.  So, it stands to reason that it is only Viet people who know this language deeply enough to understand and comprehend its esoteric meaning...
It is the genius and grand endeavors which cannot be explained without the core blood and knowledge Some historical and some oral traditions which were  handed down from our ancestors, … therefore the Han race strive very hard to destroy historical Books and Viet cultural antiquities and Exhibits which are related to rituality… as these things would tell people about the truth: the philosophy of life/ Dich ly/ Iching Law of Nature of our Bach Viet Nation, and the Process realizing wisdom, vision as well as the  process of building the country Viet-Hoa of People HUNG. Everything has been reversed, plundered under Ha’n historians, Ha’n dynasties,
Through cruel battles, Administrative Management, or the Han Colonialists which occurred around 1000 years ago; almost all archeological data have been lost, if some one using conventional history to go back to the myth (Oral Tradition) and the recorded documents of the beginning: the dynasties of King Nghiêu –Thuấn (primordial Viet-Hoa Kings) they will lose their time. The result of such research will bring distorted results, impossible for understanding. 
There will not be any Hung King dynasties’ and their Nam ’s civilization---who have never been settled down in North Hoang Ha.  In that land, only traces of the Nomadic authorities named thiền vu ...Tổ, thiền vu Cố , thiền vu could be excavated. Thien vu…is   clan of Kha-han race leaders (many generations from forefathers, father son of Han race).
In short, the turn of history began when The Han (Tien and Hau : early and latter Han country, within a half millennium not only regained North Hoang ha region but also wins, occupies most of Hoa/Viet’s lands in the south of Hoang Ha.
Viet Hoa--Hung Kings’ descendents from that point step into a slavery age. Their country and people are under Han’s horseshoe more than 500 years.
The Han then commits the largest fraud in delusiveness in human history. This started from the time Ma-vien (Han’s general) orders to find, collect and put on fire to destroy intentionally, all Bronze Drum—the symbol of  Nam’s (Viet/Hoa) Culture.  Nobody  from Vietnam can forget or doesn’t know the word of Han Chinese rulers: “Tru Dong Chiet Giao Chi Diet.”
The Hans are afraid that the secret on that bronze drum’s head would give information about the culture that created it and they needed to destroy the drum and erase all evidence of this culture.
They know enough of the sacred codes and teaching to teach Hung’s children to offer Ritual of Ancestral Worship, and to use the intangible I Ching/dich ly however, The Bronze drum is more than just any material tool, it is the sacred logos, ritual instrument which carries wisdom—intangible values-- dedicating its truths only for National of Hung –Viet nation.......
The Han man—Ma Vien also ordered to use the burned bronze metal to make horses (horse is the code of Han culture based Mongoloid—nomadic Han) they think to userp the mystical power of the Drum.
Now, back to the historical narrative.  The cruelest enemy of Viet Hoa race: the 3 kings (3 continuous Kings of  Khang Hy-Ung Chinh - Can Long):  
Shuffle turns bronze drum to mold the horse—and plot the destruction of the Viet race during almost 1000 years of rule is the biggest goal of the Han race –Han Mongoloid invasion which was to homogenize The Hoa Viet race. Today things are no different.
After a history with a length of 1000 years of shuffling traditions and ideology, especially after many periods of revolution and cultural demise. People’s original Nam (Hoa Viet) do not know who they are, and therefore currently deny their roots, their ancestors, and are far away from the knowledge of the Great wisdom of The History of The Viet Nation. It is a most painful historical fact….
That is why the continuity of spirit of our ancestors was interrupted, lost, and the country perspective is in a total national dilemma—an existence physical without spirit is the most dangerous existence on earth, nowadays.

This current work of mine and of yours, my Vietnamese brothers, is to revive the history and Ancient Hung:  Viet-- Chinese civilization. This revival has become a very difficult issue because the tree has been cut off from the root…but... can we stop saving the country’s true history?  I think not…Therefore we must revive the branch as withered and dried as it is….
However, any message with as much difficulty as this one, need to be winning because `we have strong ideas, patriotism, and enthusiasm, which has been given by the heaven and our ancestry. We need the linkage of togetherness. One day, with our high determination I believe history of Viet/Hoa will be re-constructed. The truth should be returned to the Bach Viet, original majority of China , and other Hungs’ kings’ descendents.
My research method is very flexible, step by step, based on the data provided, even the Myths of oral traditions can shed some light all though  this resource is far from exact and is not very complete; it can open the free line of thought, to put down the hypotheses, and to continue carving deeper layers with the help of Viet Dich... This phase of information dissemination was done, All I did was make a testimony to it affirming that there is a Nation HUNG, indeed this is the most ancient civilization on earth, more than ten thousand of years of culture VIET HOA of Southern Mongoloid race, the purest descending blood line is to be found among the people of Vietnam today. Therefore, last but not least, many of parts in Southern China groups ---Non Han based Mongoloid.

Next research will be the phase which provides  further arguments, with more logical arguments, support by the I ching based reasoning, that I have made through out in the previous stage (in section I Ching/ Dich ly),… and will complete this new phase gradually with new stock data. I intend to follow the accepted criteria of scientific history.
At this point, I hope that I will receive the critical and supportive scholastic contributions from this readership and scholars at large as well as input from our Viet people. Your opinions can be critical, retroactive, amending, or supplement, all are crucial for our common history rediscovery which is the purpose of this testimony from the beginning, I wish sincerely to make this a collective work (The result of the resources of many trees) instead of my own creation.  I would like to do this in order to express our Gratitude to our Great Forefathers and Precedents. We will repeat and continue, so the history of Hung Nation can be uncovered, once and definite for ever. 
there were two different ethnic groups that shared the land, The people who lived in the south (current South China and Viet Nam) and the northern part enclosing northen Hoang ha river of China.
There has been an invasion, robery, the northern part has tried to anhilate all traces  of history and culture in the southern part.
Almost half of current China now, belong to the group of Bach Viet/ One hundred Viet --and not only the Vietnam land now..that is means half of China...
Japan, Taiwan, South East Asia (thailand, mianmar, cambodia, Laos..) all belong to the same ancestor with the wisdom, cosmology, way of life...basically similar.
The purspose of our study used for:
-To define origins of the Vietnamese. People in the East think worship ancestors are the most important in the course of their life. Due to the intentional policies of Han’s invasion: to create, blindfold delusiveness, to let their offspring generation wipe their ancestors: the Vietnamese and Bach Viet (south Chinese) have been missed pedagogy, they insult their forefathers as they have been taught these Kings attacks and occupies Viem Viet. For example,  King Trieu Da, Hoang De -- become the enemy instead of respectful leaders, Viet King, and so on.. because of that, People, and their culture are becoming handicap: without the supporting from ancestral bloodline. The tree without root, the water without source, is most dangerous thing for the oriental mind, as the human spirit, and its course of development get lost forever.
-To recover the spirit of being heroic in the Viet’s offspring, to show respect to their precedents, who have to put how much blood and energy to protect and build up the nation during the length of 10000 years. It has been not so easy to save the current situation from 1000 year of Han’s invasion and annihilation with all prices... For the future, it can not have community heroic Vietnamese people, if there are not Viet heroic offspring.
-To create a new look about ethnicity in Vietnam and Southeast Asia they are elder and younger brothers should look to each other in the sisterliness. They should link more closely, support each other more.

To proclaim before the world the truth of V
iet’s history, the achievements of the Viet civilization of tens thousand years --intellect of Viet, identifying the owner of civilization is now known under the name civilization to China. The Vietnamese people and Bach Viet’s root people in Southeast Asia are the only inherited and potential one who able to release the immediate blockage to further of the intellectual legacy of the Viet’s. It is crucial to determine against the intension to repeat the annilation (tru dong chiet giao chi (Viet) diet) by Han-Chinese—the aggressive mind of governing force in current China , with their wish to repeat their aggression of Vietnam , as already occurred in the past. (A smallest example: currently China claims that the eastern culture, medicine is their invention, and wants to put the stamp on culture and sign up internationally the exclusive brand ...)
And ultimately are some fragile wishes to the children who are off track, on a wrong course: Let get back to find your true ancestors, some of them are deadly mistaken to be the enemies of Viet (King Trieu Da as an example..)… due to the intentionally made up, screw up of the conventional Chinese History, with the purpose to sweep away Viet History and Civilization of ten thousand years old. ..Also, the Viet conventional written History (under Han’s influence -- after almost 1000 years Han’s invasion)—The writings some time are very untidy, copy cat (imitation), based on Han’s Books of Histories  which is created history (of Bach-Viet dynasties), with the main goal: to deny their Kings, their Former Lands, where their precedents live, build, save, and die .
If you, who are in wrong track, have nothing to repay the forefathers’ service, at least please don’t bring the enemy to crash the ancestral tombs: rước ‘ngựa’ về dày mả tổ.  Please RETURN on time, Please come BACK ontime.  The Viet’s proverb writes: .... nước mắt bao giờ cũng chảy xuống—tear ever flows down.  The precedents always welcome even deadliest mistaken children. Don’t let the dangerous enemy of Bach Viet have a chance to conquer Vietnam .
I hope to receive the support from you, my Dong Bao-- in pursuing this work until the goals are reached. Hope you are interested and join me in sharing this mission….

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