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What is thyroid fever?

You may be referring to thyrotoxicosis, thyroid storm. In this case, thyroid hormone is quickly dumped by the gland into the body causing severe hyperthyroid symptoms which ma (MORE)

14 Celebs Who Dissed the Kardashians

During her acceptance speech at the MTV Movie Awards, Reese subtly dissed Kim Kardashian. She stated that when her career was just starting, people were embarrassed, and hid (MORE)

How to Throw a Fun Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

Before the bride and groom's big day, it is customary for the best man and maid of honor to throw a fun bachelor and bachelorette parties for the engaged couple. Throwing su (MORE)

39 YouTube Stars Who Became Millionaires

This sounds like a spam advertisement for fake jobs, but if you really want to make a million dollars, you better get on the internet. There are hundreds of YouTubers who a (MORE)

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What two NFL teams always play on Thanksgiving

The Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys always play games on Thanksgiving Day with no fixed opponents. Since 2006, a third game has been played on the holiday. Football on Th (MORE)

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How do you cook kale?

Kale is best gently steamed. Place a bunch of kale in a steamer over a pot of boiling water and steam for about five minutes. You can then lightly salt it or add butter. Kale (MORE)