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What is a full service restaurant?

A full service restaurant is an establishment in which customers can be served their meal at the table, receive waitress services, and typically pay at the end of the meal.
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Do Cats Get Colds?

Sneezing, runny nose, runny eyes, lack of appetite, fever - most humans know these symptoms only too well. If you see them in your cat, chances are, your cat has contracted an (MORE)
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Running with Your Dog: Turn Your Pet into a Running Partner

Running with a partner often helps pass the time and creates a sense of security out on the trails or road, however, that partner doesn't always have to be another human. Many (MORE)

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What is the temperature at a hockey game

The temperature inside an ice rink can vary greatly depending on the time of year an how well the facility is insulated. The water used to make the ice is treated with an addi (MORE)

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Are eggs kosher?

Eggs from any kosher bird (chicken, duck, etc) are kosher. However, you must check for blood spots in the eggs. If you find a blood spot, throw away the part of the egg that h (MORE)
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5 Cat Cafes You Will Want to Visit

Cat cafes first started popping up in Japan. In a country where many apartment buildings don't allow cats, these cafes became very popular as a way for Japanese cat lovers to (MORE)