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What is surplus units and deficit units?

Surplus units are individuals, businesses or governments who have excess unspent funds during a given period of time; consequently they are interested in lending thesfunds. On (MORE)

Don't Fall for Fitness Gimmicks

You cannot read a magazine or watch television for any length of time without seeing an advertisement for a diet pill, exercise machine, weight loss program or fitness video. (MORE)

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How do you poach an egg?

Method 1:Place a half a frying pan full of water on the stove and bring it to boiling. Place the egg, making sure the yolk and membrane around the yolk are intact. Place a lid (MORE)
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6 Tips On Using Hot Springs For Healing

Balneotherapy is a little known term referring to the practice of using water for therapeutic purposes. While the Western medical model has little regard for such a concept, (MORE)
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The Healing Effects of Balneotherapy

Balneotherapy is the therapeutic use of hot mineral water for healing purposes. Most commonly practiced in natural hot springs, balneotherapy has also been used by alternati (MORE)

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How did the Emperor of Qin try to protect his empire from invaders?

The Emperor of Qin had taken control over all of China by 221 B.C. To stop invading forces, he ordered a wall to be built. It was called 'the 10,000 Li Long Wall' (a Li = roug (MORE)