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Best Reasons to Take a Golf Caddie

Should the opportunity present itself and you have the financial means to do it, take a local caddie on your next golf round. There are countless reasons to take a local cadd (MORE)

How many ounces is a tall at Starbucks

A tall Starbucks is considered the small size and is 12 ounces. The Grande is the medium size and is 16 ounces. The Venti is the large size and is 20 ounces.

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How was pizza invented?

The modern pizza was invented in June 1889 by Raffaele Esposito, a Neapolitan chef who wanted to honour Queen Margherita of Savoy. It was the very first "Pizza Margherita", an (MORE)

What event was dropped from the Olympics in 1920

Tug of War was dropped after the 1920 Olympics. The IOC removed tug of war and 33 other sports because too many sports were part of the Olympics. It was an Olympic sport from (MORE)

How to Create an Attractive Homework Station

If you have school-aged children it is very important to have place set up for them to work on homework. This doesn't mean that if you don't have a special room devoted to yo (MORE)

What distinguishes anxiety disorders from ordinary anxiety?

Generalized anxiety disorder, and other anxiety disorders, are difficult to define and there is no clear consensus among psychologists about how to define or diagnose them. M (MORE)

In real estate what is GBA?

GROSS BUILDING AREA The sum total of all building spaces. GBA is typically used as a measurement of office, industrial and agricultural buildings.

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