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Does Food Lion have a senior citizens discount?

As of March 7, 2013, Food Lion does not offer a senior discount. Food Lion often offers weekly specials and coupons to their customers. They also have a MVP Card that will all (MORE)

How to Write a Proper Wedding Thank You Note

Once the wedding is over, the couple must begin writing "Thank you" notes to all of their friends and family who generously gave gifts for the occasion. Observing t (MORE)

What number was Jim McMahon

Jim McMahon is a former quarterback who is best known for playing with the Chicago Bears. He also played for the Philadelphia Eagle, Minnesota Vikings, Arizona Cardinals, and (MORE)

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Guidelines For Working Professionally With Your Spouse

Most American families now include two wage earners and an increasing number of husband and wife teams [work together](http://publishing.cdlib.org/ucpressebooks/view?docId=kt9 (MORE)