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What is an associate underwriter?

An associate underwriter is a person who is evaluating the risk that you are to the insurance company. From the time you put in an application for insurance, there is an appro (MORE)

What is underwritting and what are aspect of the risk in underwriting?

 Underwriting refers to  the process by which investment banks raise investment capital  from investors on behalf of corporations and governments that are  issuing securi (MORE)

What is Underwriting?

It is the process of reveiwing your application for life insurance and applying the appropriate rating based on your qualifications.   The process of evaluating, defining (MORE)

What is a mortgage underwriter?

A mortgage lender or broker who approves or turns down loan applications based upon the quality of the real property, credit-worthiness and ability to pay according to the gui (MORE)

What is an underwriter?

Answer   In general terms, an underwriter is defined as a person who assesses risks to be covered by an insurance policy or a person (as an individual or company) who und (MORE)

Insurance Occupations 101: Insurance Underwriters

When it comes to working in the financial industry, there are many different career paths available to you. One option to consider is an insurance writer. Before you decide wh (MORE)

Financial Job Descriptions: Bond Underwriter

If you want a financial career that puts your entrepreneurial and negotiation skills to the test, become a bond underwriter. This is a rigorous job that allows you to make hig (MORE)

A Comprehensive Overview of Insurance Underwriters

At some point in your life you need or have needed to purchase insurance, whether for your car, house or health. Hence enters insurance underwriters or, underwriters of insura (MORE)

An Overview of a Career in Insurance Underwriting

If you have ever filled out an application for any kind of insurance, you were asked questions that the insurance company uses to determine the level of risk that you pose and (MORE)

What is medical underwriting for health insurance?

Medical underwriting investigates your medical history and determines your eligibility for coverage. They enforce the guidelines established by the insurance company. Underwri (MORE)

Is underwriting compulsory for public offering?

In India, underwriting is not compulsory since April 1995, however it is an important function of Primary Market as new issue should subscribe minimum 90% and in case of non-s (MORE)

What does an underwriter do?

In the area of insurance, an underwriter is a professional, usually employed by an insurance company, who makes determinations about whether a risk meets the criteria for insu (MORE)