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What is bank overdraft?

Bank Overdraft is a facility wherein a bank customer can withdraw more money than what is actually available in his/her account. Let us say I have an overdraft account with IC (MORE)

What is a bank overdraft?

A bank overdraft is when someone is able to spend more than what is actually in their bank account. Obviously the money doesn't belong to them but belongs to the bank so this (MORE)

When do you use an overdraft?

  You use overdraft when you know that you may end up in situations where you need cash but you may not have sufficient funds to meet your requirements. In such cases you (MORE)

What is an overdraft limit?

Overdraft limit refers to the limit to the amount of money a customer can withdraw from his account even though there is zero balance in his account. For example, large compan (MORE)

What is the Difference between bank overdraft and clean overdraft?

OVERDRAFT CLEAN OVERDRAFT 1. Overdraft may be secured or                   1. Clean overdraft is always unse (MORE)

How can you get out of paying overdraft charges?

Answer     You can call the bank up and ask them to remove it. If its the first or second time (which is pushing it) they will usually remove it for you. It can't be (MORE)

Advantage of overdraft?

Having overdraft protection on your account helps you avoid  excessive fees. When the money isn't in your main account, your  overdraft account will protect you by providing (MORE)
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What are Overdraft fees?

If you have a checking account, you may have what is called  overdraft protection. That means that if you write a check for more  money than you have in your account, the ba (MORE)