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When diagnosed with 3c 4c 5c 6c bulging discs with severe head pain and pain in your neck radiating into shoulders left arm and tingling in your fingers what all can be done is there a pinched nerve?

If the disks are herniated (bulging is another term) the specific nerves causing your problems ARE being pinched/compressed by the disks - that's what happens when you herni (MORE)

What is Roman Catholicism?

This is a deep, complicated question. If you can find enough history to study, and not revisionist history, you will learn much of what is Roman Catholicism. It is made up of (MORE)

How many hours will to take charge BL-5C nokia battery at first time?

As per any cellphone with a Lithium-Ion battery, the cellphone should be switched off and put on a continuous charge for 8 hours. N.B.: For the first charge, don't disconnec (MORE)

What are the similarities between Roman Catholicism and Catholicism?

They are both the same. Although there are some branches of catholicism that have to do with what cultures involve into their religious traditioins, like eastern rite catholic (MORE)

What are the advantages of Roman Catholicism?

  There are no "advantages" for the roman catholic dogma, in the same way that there are no "advantages" for any other religious dogma. Everyone believes to what he/she wa (MORE)

How did roman catholicism come to Canada?

Reformed Reflections / The Roman Catholic Church in Canada Its historic development The Roman Catholic Church in Canada (RC) has her own unique character. Her roots are in (MORE)
In France

What is the percent of Roman Catholicism in France?

People brought up as Catholic and who still believe in God were 54% of the French Population according to a CSA survey in 2006.  An IFOP survey in 2007 reported 61% declarin (MORE)

What are the Seven Sacraments of Roman Catholicism?

The seven sacraments are Baptism, Penance, Holy Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, Holy Orders, and the Anointing of the Sick (or Extreme Unction). Each sacrament is an outwar (MORE)