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What was Iceland before it was a Iceland?

If you mean the name then before it was named Iceland it was called Snæland (Snowland (some dude saw snow in the mountains and thought it was a good idea)) Iceland was only n (MORE)

Why is iceland called iceland?

When the first settlers came to Iceland, it was covered in ice and  snow, so they named it Iceland.
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Why are there no snakes on Iceland?

Since Iceland rose from the sea when undersea volcanoes erupted, wildlife has not been able to reach the island since it is situated in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. All a (MORE)

How do you say 'Iceland' in Iceland?

Ísland ------------------------- This is the correct spelling for the way the Icelanders say Iceland.....but is pronounced Is-land (as in 2 separate English words is and (MORE)
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Where is Iceland?

Iiceland is considered part of Northern- Europe. The Nation itself  consists of and island in the Atlantic Ocean about 110 miles east  of Greenland and about 530 miles north (MORE)

The Weather of Iceland

The name "Iceland" can be a bit misleading. There is ice to be found there, including many glaciers. However, Iceland is not as cold as its name suggests. In fact, Iceland mak (MORE)

When Iceland Nearly Went Bankrupt

Iceland is a small country, and one that is somewhat off the beaten path. Yet, when the Icelandic economy was threatened with bankruptcy in 2008, it had international repercus (MORE)

Spending Christmas in Iceland

For some, Christmas is a time to stay at home and enjoy the company of their family. However, if you like an adventure to get away from the hectic holiday season, you can visi (MORE)

Gay Owned and Operated Businesses in Iceland

Iceland is one of the best places for members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, & Transgender (LGBT) LGBT community to live and operate businesses. This is because Iceland has o (MORE)
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Why Iceland is called Iceland?

Flóki Vilgerðarson was the third settler of Iceland. Before it had been called Snowland and Gardar's islet. Flóki settled on the south coast of the island's tail, which is (MORE)

Does Iceland have glaciers?

Yes. Iceland has many glaciers. Glaciers cover 11% of the island which is about 11000 km2. The largest glacier, Vatnajökull is about 8100 km2 and is the largest glacier in Eu (MORE)
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What is the livestock of Iceland?

Livestock in Iceland   The main livestock in Iceland are mainly Cheap, Cows, Horses, Chickens and Pigs. Wild animals include and Reindeers and various species of birds tha (MORE)
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When was Iceland inhabited?

According to Landnamabok, a medieval Icelandic manuscript, the settlement of Iceland began in 874 AD when the Norwegian chieftain Ingolfur Arnarson became the first permanent (MORE)

How do communicate in Iceland?

You speak, using words. Sometimes when you stand in front of a person and sometimes when you\\'re on the phone with another person. Communication with Icelanders requires know (MORE)