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How did Jamaica queens New York get its name?

The neighborhood of Jamaica is completely unrelated to the  Caribbean nation of Jamaica (although many residents are immigrants from  Jamaica); the name similarity is a coin (MORE)

Why is the city of Jamaica Queens called Jamaica?

Jamaica, Queens is not a city. It's a neighborhood. It used to be a town and a village, but when Queens became a borough of New York City, all of its former towns became neigh (MORE)

What train should you take from Jamaica Queens to 26 Federal Plaza?

The address 26 Federal Plaza is at the southeast corner of Worth Street and Broadway.   Option 1 You can take the Downtown F train to Delancey-Essex Street in Manhattan. (MORE)

How do you get to the Brooklyn Bridge from the Jamaica Station in Queens?

The Jamaica station on the LIRR is connected to the Sutphin Boulevard-Archer Avenue station on the New York City subway system. Transfer to the subway, and take the Downtown (MORE)
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What is in Jamaica?

Lots of things such as Dunn's River Falls which is a popular waterfall. There are caves, four-wheeling and horseback riding tours, there is the Rose Hall manor which is said t (MORE)
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Is the popular name for Jamaica Jamaica?

Yes , we call Jamaica by its name . Just other Jamaican people when referring to Jamaica we may say "yard/yardie or back home" Other than that , its plain old Jamaica .
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Where is Jamaica?

It is a comparatively large island in the Caribbean Sea (about 45 x 100 miles). It is made up of 14 parishes similar to states. Jamaica is 90 miles south of eastern Cuba and s (MORE)

Who is queen?

Queen is a British hard-rock band known for it's flamboyant stage performances by former vocalist and frontman Freddy Mercury. Other band members are Brian May (guitar) John D (MORE)

What does a queen do?

acts as a sort of president The Role As Head of State, The Monarch undertakes constitutional and representational duties which have developed over one thousand years of hist (MORE)

What is a Queen?

A queen is a female monarch who reigns over a kingdom, or monarchy, with the king, her husband. These days, kings and queens dont have as much power as they used to have, due (MORE)