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What landforms are on Kauai?

As a geologist who just visited Kauai, I was impressed by the diversity of the geology. Kauai is now know to have formed from not one but two shield volcanos. It is also the h (MORE)
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What airlines fly into Kauai Hawaii?

  Answer   * Aloha Airlines (Honolulu, Kahului)  * American Airlines (Los Angeles)  * ATA Airlines (Oakland [begins June 15, 2007])  * Hawaiian Airlines (Honolulu, (MORE)
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Coast to Coast in Kauai

The Hawaiian island of Kauai offers a nearly endless opportunity for discovery. Because this region is often skipped by the common vacationer, those who adventure to the north (MORE)
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Places You Must See in the Beauty of Kauai

Whether on your honeymoon or on an extravagant vacation with family, the island of Kauai is home some amazing sights. From its beaches and other natural landmarks, there are m (MORE)

Kauai Honeymoon Hotels

Hawaii, France, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean are all regions of the world with at least one thing in common, they are popular honeymoon destinations. Among the tropica (MORE)
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What to do to Make Your Kauai Vacation Perfect

The surf, fun in the sun, and beautiful sights make Kauai an ideal destination for tourists. However, you always want to make your getaway perfect, yet organized. Before leavi (MORE)

What jobs can you get on kauai?

my husband and i are looking to relocate to Kauai, i an a nurse and  he is an electrician....both are hireing like crazy. Husbands aunt  lives there, and is a wedding planne (MORE)
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How much are the flights to Kauai?

The price of flights to Kauai will largely depend on where one is flying from.If one is flying from London then one would expect to pay between ´£600 and ´£3000 depending (MORE)