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What is the main principle underlying the laws of the United States?

Opinion Wow. I think this could be answered many different ways, but in the end I think it is best answered by the first three words of the Preamble to the US Constitution: (MORE)

Who puts laws into effect in the United States?

(in the US) The Legislative Branch of any government is the one which proposes and draws up legislation which is the framework of the proposed law. The Governor (or President) (MORE)

Who makes the federal laws in the United States?

Go back to American History 101--the Congress makes the laws. That means the House of Representatives and the Senate actually write the laws. The President can cnly sign them (MORE)

What is the immigration law to reentry to United States?

An Application for Travel Document is for people in a variety of circumstances to support reentry to the U.S. after temporary international travel. These application types may (MORE)

What are the laws for owning a gun in the United States?

There is broad variation in gun laws in the U.S. You need to check in the particular state's laws and also check federal law.
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