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How do you get a rental agreement?

Ideally, do not blindly prepare your rental agreement from a format because you have to customise it to suit your specific requirements. Additionally, depending on the duratio (MORE)

92 Legacy sedan has the word Manu lit up on the dash to the right of the word Power just under the gear selection list on the dash What does this mean Even the dealer is stumped?

  Answer     Does this vehicle have a floor shifter? With a button within easy reach of your thumb while your hand is on the shifter? Or is it a column shift, (MORE)
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Is dealer an adjective?

No, it is a noun. It may be used with other nouns as a noun adjunct  (e.g. dealer costs, dealer sales).
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What is tactical agreement and operational agreement?

An operational agreement is one which is in line with the standards  by which a company operates. When an agreement is "tactical," it  means that a diversion from usual prac (MORE)