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How do you make transparent T-Shirts on ROBLOX?

i think you should just look on the help page for roblox it is easier to find it there
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Do you get money on roblox by selling t-shirts?

Depending on how much you sell the t-shirt for and how many people buy it: yes you can get money from selling t-shirts. If you sell the t-shirt for only one tix you will not m (MORE)

How is the making of a T-shirt an example of interdependence?

To make the shirt you need to buy the material or buy one all ready made. To add the design you need to have paint, a machine, or some form of brushes and materials. All of th (MORE)

Creative Ways to Recycle Old T-shirts Into Things That are Useful

There is nothing more fashionable than recycling, up cycling, or making use out of things that others would denote as rubbish. Below are some top tips on how to transform your (MORE)

Making a Spray Paint T-shirt at Home

Making a spray paint T-shirt at home is a great outlet for your creativity. T-shirt spray paint is nothing special; a few cans of spray paint from your local home improvement (MORE)

What is the best fabric to make a t-shirt?

100% ringspun cotton is super soft and works really well to give t-shirt a great fit. A blend of 50% cotton & 50% polyester works too. If you're adding graphics to the shi (MORE)

How can you make a warrior cat t-shirt?

Get a blank shirt, any color, go to the store, get wax paper for t-shirts, then read the instructions.
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How do you make layers transparent in Photoshop?

You can create new blank layer which is transparent by clicking Create a new layer (page) icon in LAYERS palette or from Layer > New > Layer (Ctrl + Shift + N). To make (MORE)
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How do you make transparent slime?

.borax (which can be found in laundry aisle) .elmers clear glue.bowl.spoon (optional).food coloring (optional)
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How to Make Your Own Spray Paint T-Shirts

Using spray paint is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make your own cool custom t-shirts. It only takes a few items, and the cost to make each shirt is less than $5. Th (MORE)