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What are 3 mountain ranges around the world?

The Himalayas, Alpine and Andes
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What You Need to Know about Mountain Ranges in Europe

Mountain ranges are a natural phenomenon that occur when two plates of the earth's crust push against each other and push land upward. They can be found around the world, with (MORE)

Animals and the Rocky Mountain Range

The Rocky Mountain Range is a beautiful part of the American and Canadian landscape and provides an environment for many animals. This large mountain range stretches from the (MORE)
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A Look at the World's Tallest Mountain: Mount Everest

Many people choose to travel to strange, faraway places that are quite different from home. Some people choose to visit the land of Nepal to take in its natural beauty and his (MORE)

What is a Normal Size Range?

Unfortunately a normal size range does not exist. Ranges vary in height and depth, but they are always categorized by width. A variety of ranges exist in 24, 30, 36, 48, and (MORE)

What are the Burner Configuration Options On 30 and 36 Inch Gas and Dual-Fuel Ranges?

Today's gas and dual-fuel (DF) ranges are much more advanced than the ranges of old and major appliance manufacturers now offer a variety of burner configurations and accessor (MORE)

What Are The Burner Configurations On 48 Inch and 60 Inch Gas And Dual-Fuel Ranges?

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Are there more mountain ranges or continents in the world?

There are only seven continents and hundreds of mountain ranges,  that means that there are more mountain ranges than continents.
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Which is the worlds longest mountain range?

The Ocean Ridge (also known as Mid-ocean ridge), which runs more than 40,000 miles on the sea floor of five oceans is the longest mountain chain in the world. The longest moun (MORE)
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What are 3 major mountain ranges in France?

The Alps (between France and Italy and southern Switzerland)   The Pyrenees (between France and Spain)   the Jura (in Eastern France, North-West of Switzerland)  
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