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What do you mean by qualitative change?

What do you mean by qualitative change?
in puberty qualitative changes refer to the process of sexual maturity. the sperms as well as the eggs become fertile.
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A qualitive observation?

A qualitive observation is an observation of a product of a reaction which cannot be measured numerically, e.g. colour, state of matter. A quantitive observation is an observa (MORE)

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What is a qualitative observation?

A Qualitative Observation is an observation that uses the five  senses. sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. An example of this  would be: "This tree has bright green le (MORE)
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What does qualitative and quantitative mean in science?

Qualitative has to do with quality and can be subjective.   Quantitative has to do with quantity and is measured in numbers.    Qualitative data deals with descript (MORE)

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Difference between qualitative and quantitative change?

qualitative change- when individuals make developmental jumps that results in them becoming different than they were before. ex. one we acquire language we think of the worl (MORE)

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What is an example of qualitative change in development?

A Qualitative change is a change in characteristics, attributes, traits, etc. For example if someone is generally happy, and all of a sudden they're mad all the time that's a (MORE)

What is qualitative research?

Qualitative research has many many forms but as a general rule, it  does not focus on numbers but rather ideas and opinions. Common  methods include one-to-one interviews, f (MORE)

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What is qualitive assesment?

Generally there are two ways to assess something: qualitatively or quantitavely. Take an earthquake for example. We use a Richter scale to measure the impact of the earthquake (MORE)

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