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You have almost 20 book series and over 30 stand alone novels. How do you know when to write a sequel and when to start fresh?

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What age does the voice break?

What age does the voice break?

Different boys start puberty at different ages and not all boys go through the various stages of puberty in the same order so there is great variation in when a boys voice mig

How does a boys voice break?

The boys voice breaks because as he grows through puberty the voice box, or larynx, holding the vocal cords begins to stretch and get longer. An Adams Apple (boney lump in thr

When does your Voice Break?

On average a boys voice breaks around the ages of 13-15. But can be earlier or later depending on when you start puberty.

When will your voice break?

Your voice normally breaks anywhere between the age of 14 and 16.

How can you sing without your voice breaking?

If you are boy around 12 to 14 years old, this is a Norman transition from your treble voice as a boy to your mature voice. It will settle down in AA year or two. Anyone else

Can a human voice break glass?

Yes. You need a trained singer, and a suitable glass though. And even then it's not easy.

What is a voice break?

Well when a male is going through puberty, his voice changes. It gets deeper. And when your voice cracks, or breaks, this is just the highest point your "old" voice will go.

How can you break your voice?

You don't deliberately 'break' your voice, it is something that happens naturally as part of puberty in boys. as you go through puberty your vocal chords grow longer and the t

How do you break voice?

You cannot force your voice to break, as the 'breaking' is caused by hormone reaction within the larynx (voice box). The voice usually breaks between the age of 14 and 16.
Did Justin Bieber break his voice?

Did Justin Bieber break his voice?

He has actually on the 10th September 2010 to be exact. So he can't make any new songs for a bit until he gets used to it, but don't worry he'll still be singing again pretty

Can you sperm before your voice breaks?

Yes. Ejaculation (cum) and Voice change are two of many things that will happen during puberty. It doesn't necessarily happen at the same time. Your body is working to make