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What time of day does your voice break?

At 7:36pm
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Can you sing better after your voice breaks?

well you have to keep practicing and if it does break then you need to get your voice trainor to help you on this type of situation.If your voice trainor can't do anything abo (MORE)

What is the first symptoms of voice breaking?

Hi my voice started breaking yesterday im age 14 and it started off by my throat hurting and my voice went like almost asif i had lost my voice and today its starting to get (MORE)

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How can you sing without your voice breaking?

If you are boy around 12 to 14 years old, this is a Norman transition from your treble voice as a boy to your mature voice. It will settle down in AA year or two. Anyone else (MORE)
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Can a human voice break glass?

Yes. You need a trained singer, and a suitable glass though. And even then it's not easy.
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Will your voice break?

If you mean just all of a sudden... probably not. But if you get sick, or sing and/or yell, scream, etc, a lot... it's very possible that you could break your voice, though. I (MORE)