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Who was the founder of chevrolet?

Louis Chevrolet, an early race car driver founded the Chevrolet Motor Car Company with former General Motors executive William Durant in 1911.
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Who was the founder of koran?

The Muslim Holy Book, Quran, was revealed by Allah (God in English) to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the Angel Gabriel. Quran reflects real Allah words in real revelation la (MORE)

Who is the iPad founder?

Steven Jobs, also the founder of Apple and the iPhone and iPod line as well as Mac computers
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Who is the founder of agnosticism?

No one founder of agnosticism has existed. The word is a variant of agnosis, which simply means "not knowing," and people use it in reference to their belief that a person can (MORE)

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What is founder?

Founder is a serious disease of hooved animals that involves the inflammation of the laminae in the feet. The front hooves are the most likely to be affected than the back fee (MORE)

Who is Chevrolet?

"Chevrolet" was named after the founder, Louis-Joseph Chevrolet (1878-1941) . He was a Swiss-born American race car driver, he was also founder of the Chevrolet Motor Car Co (MORE)
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Who is the founder or founders of alzheimers disease?

Since it is a disease, it does not have a founder (usually, we use the word "founder" for an organization or a club or a religion). But it does have a person who discovered it (MORE)

The founder of Georgia?

The Founder of Georgia is 'James Oglethrope'. He was a forward thinking visionary who demonstrated great skill as a social reformer and military leader.
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