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Why does boys voices break but girls voices don't break?

Dr. Cameron Answered First
Boys voices change during puberty because their voice boxes and vocal cords get longer, which makes them sound deeper. As the body is getting used to the new size, it breaks.

Why do boys break girls heart?

Sometimes boys don't know how to handle a situation, and do something that will break a girl's heart.Sometimes, they are spiteful or angry enough to do it, whether deliberatel… (MORE)

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How can you sing without your voice breaking?

If you are boy around 12 to 14 years old, this is a Norman transition from your treble voice as a boy to your mature voice. It will settle down in AA year or two. Anyone else … (MORE)

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Can a human voice break glass?

Yes.You need a trained singer, and a suitable glass though. And even then it's not easy.

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