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Lowering LDL Cholesterol Naturally

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What are LDL cholesterol levels, and how can you lower yours? Low-density lipoproteins are the "bad" kind of cholesterol that can cause many serious ailments, like heart attacks and strokes. When it comes to lowering your LDL cholesterol levels, a lot of questions and concerns about which methods work start to arise. There are many great ways to naturally lower your LDL levels without using medications, or in addition to medications. Here are some steps that you can take to better yourself and your health.

Eating habits and diet

Having an awareness of how the food you eat affects your body is essential to keeping your LDL levels in check. Certain foods interact positively with your LDL levels, working to lower them, such as whole grains, fruit, vegetables and fish. Adding these foods into your diet regulates your cholesterol levels. Likewise, some foods may increase the likelihood of cholesterol problems, so try to lower your intake of red meats, eggs and whole milk cheeses.

Replacing one steak dinner a week with a meal consisting of lean fish improves your cholesterol levels, and may also aid in losing weight and keeping that weight off.

Lose weight

Getting trim and shedding excess pounds really helps in maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol. This is because extra pounds tend to increase LDL levels as well as decrease HDL levels, or high-density-lipoproteins, also known as the "good" type of cholesterol. When you lose weight, both HDL and LDL levels tend to drop; however, once you stabilize at comfortable, healthier weight, HDL levels increase, which continues to aid your body's fight against harmful LDL cholesterol.


Of course, the key to any healthy lifestyle includes an exercise routine. Engaging in a short 30 minute workout five times a week assists in increasing HDL levels and decreasing LDL levels, as well as bringing down triglycerides and blood pressure. Exercise not only keeps you healthy, but gets you looking and feeling your best.

Quit smoking

Smoking cigarettes greatly increases bad cholesterol levels, while at the same time it decreases good cholesterol levels. It does not end there: smoking makes it more difficult to work out, harder to stay in shape, and creates a large number of other health-related issues. If you smoke, quit.

You now have the tools to take matters into your own hands, so good luck on your road to better health. Lower your LDL cholesterol levels today!

What are LDL cholesterol levels, and how can you lower yours?
by Dorothy Fisher, Medical writer

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