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Religion & Spirituality (rĭ-lĭj'ən ənd spĭr'ĭ-chū-ăl'ĭ-tē)

A system of belief and worship of a creator/governor of the universe; the state of being concerned with the soul, mysticism, prayer and other intangible matters. In relation to the physical world, this is paradoxically both deeper and higher.
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Religion & Spirituality
Aboriginal Mythology:
Mythology of the original inhabitants of Australia
African Myths:
General African mythology
Asian Mythology:
Deities, sacred places, events and epics of Asian mythology
Aztec Mythology:
Mythology of central and southern Mexico
Bible Dictionary:
Terms and phrases from the Bible
Bible Guide:
A lexicon of biblical people, places, times and concepts; each entry includes a listing of where to find it in the Bible.
Buddhism Dictionary:
The history, doctrines and ceremonies of Buddhism, and issues of contemporary concern
Celtic Mythology:
The mystical myths of the Celts
Chinese Mythology:
Mythology of China
Dictionary of Saints:
The lives of saints, from the famous to the obscure
Egyptian Mythology:
Mythology of ancient Egypt
Examples: Sebek, Duat, Amun, more »
Encyclopedia of Judaism:
A comprehensive Jewish reference work
Etruscan Mythology:
Mythology of central Italy
Examples: Turan, Lasa, Charun, more »
Greek Mythology:
Mythology of ancient Greece
Examples: Pandora, Gaia, Adonis, more »
Haitian Mythology:
Mythology of Haiti
Hindu beliefs and practices
Incan Mythology:
Mythology of South America
Islamic Dictionary:
Terms and concepts in Islam
Islamic Mythology:
Muslim beliefs and practices
Examples: Sayyid, Jalal, Ahmad, more »
Judaic Mythology:
Jewish beliefs and practices
KJV--Old Testament:
Complete reading of the Old Testament, King James Version
Examples: Genesis 1, Ruth 4, Job 1, more »
KJV--New Testament:
Complete reading of the New Testament, King James Version
Korean Mythology:
Mythology of Korea
Latvian Mythology:
Mythology of Latvia
Mayan Mythology:
Mythology of Central America
Mesopotamian Mythology:
Akkadian, Babylonian and Sumerian mythology
General collection of mythology
Examples: TeSub, Koftim, Abdiel, more »
Mythology Dictionary:
Names and terms in mythology
Native American Mythology:
Mythology of the Native American people
Norse Mythology:
Mythology of Scandinavia
Occultism & Parapsychology Encyclopedia:
A comprehensive coverage of the fields of occultism and parapsychology
Persian Mythology:
Mythology of ancient Iran
Polynesian Mythology:
Mythology of the South Pacific
Popes Dictionary:
A Who's Who of popes and antipopes
Well-known proverbs with background information and quotes
Religion through the ages — the five major ones, as well as ancient and New Age practices
Roman Mythology:
Mythology of ancient Rome
World Mythology:
The gods and spirits of the world