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Travel & Places (trăv'əl ənd plāsĭz)

The movement or transfer of people from one location to another through a journey. Planes and trains will take you far, but wherever you go, there you are.
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Travel & Places
Adrenaline Adventures:
High-octane activities and daredevil sports for even the most esoteric adventure-seekers
British Places:
The meaning and origin of over 14,000 place-names, tracing their development from earliest times to the present day
City Directory:
A reference guide for 121 United States cities
Examples: more »
Dialing Codes - Countries:
International dialing codes for countries
Dictionary - Places:
Dictionary entries for famous places
Disappearing Places:
A carefully chosen list of threatened destinations for travelers to cherish and enjoy
Essential Geography:
Includes pronunciations, populations, historical facts and capitals.
Exchange Rates by Country:
Name and value of worldwide currencies, and currency converter
Extraordinary Islands:
A tour of the most magnificent islands on earth
Geographical locations
Local Time - Cities:
Clock showing local time in large international cities
Local Time - Countries:
Clock showing local time of countries
Local Time - States:
Clock showing local time in American states
Make a Difference:
A guide for people who want to change the world and want to be changed
City maps from google.
Parks Directory:
US and Canadian state parks, historic sites, monuments, trails and more.
Place Names:
A guide for geographers, travelers, and anyone with an interest in current world affairs
Regional Stats:
Includes area, climate, population, government, economy, transnational issues
Travel Guide:
Travel information for the world's most popular sites
US Area Codes:
Area Codes for US Cities
Examples: 202, 617, 212, more »
US City Guide:
A one-stop source for all the vital information you need on 189 of America's top cities.
US State Stats:
Basic Statistics for the 50 US States
US ZIP Codes:
United States ZIP Codes and other city statistics
Five-day weather forecasts for cities around the world