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What is function overloading or function polymorphism?

Actually, overloading and polymorphism are two different things. Overloading is when two different functions of the same name but of different parameter types co-exist. The (MORE)

What is the virtual function and friend function?

Virtual Function A virtual function is a class method that is intended to be overridden by derived classes. This is achieved be preceding the function declaration with the key (MORE)

What is the function of a pencil?

the function of a pencil is to write with out getting your hands  dirty and to be able to write on paper instead of stone.
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What is Function?

1. An action performed by a device, department, or person that produces a result. Function remains more or less fixed whereas the purpose (which indicates intention or objecti (MORE)
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What are the functions of a diplomat?

Functions of diplomacy or diplomatic mission are FOLLOWING: 1. Reporting 2. Negotiation REPORTING: Reporting involves the observation of political, economic, social and mil (MORE)

What is prototype of a function and signature of a function?

function prototype is declaration of function without its body and ends with a semicolon. The return type, parameter type and their order are specified. Where as function sig (MORE)

Is recursive function a repeating function?

A recursive function does have an element of repetition. However, it should never repeat its actions verbatim - or this would create an infinite recursion. A recursive fun (MORE)

What is the function of engine?

To provide energy for a certain, specialized function. In the case of a car engine, to convert chemical energy, in the form of Fuel, such as Gasoline or Diesel, in to Mechanic (MORE)
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What is functional grammar?

The theory of grammar that is concerned with how the pragmatic,  cognitive, and social functions of language relate to structure is  functional grammar. It is the general th (MORE)

The SIGN Function in Excel

Excel is an incredibly versatile program. It can be used to achieve very simple ends, such as recording your income each month; or it can be used for complex databases and dat (MORE)

Master the Ceiling Function in MS Excel

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are easy to use because of the many built-in functions. One such useful feature is the ceiling function. You can use it to round up numerical valu (MORE)