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Why is 0 multiply by 0 equals 0?

This is because of the identity property of multiplication Anything mutiply by zero is zero. When you multiply a number by a different number, you take as many groups of th (MORE)
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Why is 0 plus 0 the same as 0 times 0 why?

Interesting question. 0 + 0 = 0 x 0, but why? Let's take 1 +1 as an example. 1 + 1 = 2, because one of something plus one of something equal two of something. So, if you (MORE)
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What is 0 0 60 fertilizer?

The three numbers on a bag of fertilizer indicate the percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium available. So in the case of 0,0,60 fertilizer, there is 60% potassium (MORE)

Is 0 0 always 0?

  0+0 is always 0 0-0 is always 0 0*0 is always 0 0/0 is undetermined, and can basically be any value. 0^0 is a bit fuzzy. It's often used as 1 because it makes eq (MORE)
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Why can you multiply 0 by a number and get 0?

When you multiply a number by a different number, you take as many groups of the first number as there are of the second number. For example, multiplying 2 by 3, you are takin (MORE)
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Is 0 divided by 0 1?

No Its 0 Nope, you can't divide 0 by anything because you can't divide  "nothing" by something. You'd still end up with nothing. Like  dividing an apple that you don't have (MORE)
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What is the answer when 0 is raised to the power of 0?

00 is indeterminate; under current mathematical theory, there's no way to tell whether it's supposed to equal 0 or 1, and a solid case can be made for each. The problem is t (MORE)

What is 0 to the power of 0?

  00 is undefined. Consider the limit of x0 as x approaches 0. Since x0 = 1 for every positive value of x, the limit is 1. Now consider the limit of 0x as xapproaches (MORE)

What is 0-0?

    This relates to a sport known as 'Football' where two teams of eleven men compete on a grass field for 90 minutes in order to score more goals than the other team. (MORE)