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Foreign Media Filling Arab Air

The number of Western television channels broadcasting to Arab audiences is growing quickly, serving as a bridge between Western culture and the Arab world. The US, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and Turkey have all increased their presence on Arab airwaves and draw viewers away from local Arab media. Trust is an issue, as many television watchers expect local Arab news sources to bow to government censure. Viewers often channel surf to compare coverage on regional and global developments. “Arabs, who are described generally as politically-oriented viewers and have a strong appetite for several media sources, settle on watching certain outlets after making their own choices,” reports Jumana Al Tamimi for GulfNews. Well-funded Arab stations such as Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya offer stiff competition, but foreign outlets like BBC News, Rusiya Al Yawm, Voice of America and France 24 increasingly provide Arab viewers with a range of perspectives on world events. Like Arab media, foreign media often receive government subsidies. Viewers, as targets of soft power battles, need to understand media policies. – YaleGlobal

Foreign Media Filling Arab Air

Arabs, wary of government censorship, increasingly turn to foreign media for news
Jumana Al Tamimi
GulfNews, 12 June 2012
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