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  1. Radcliffe would love to see the book "The Master and Margarita" be made into a film. He'd play any part.

  2. The Coen brothers, Spike Lee and Wes Anderson are at the top of Radcliffe's list of people he'd like to work with

  3. Daniel Radcliffe's favorite sport is football...American football, and he's not just saying that to curry favor

  4. Radcliffe's picks: Favorite 'Harry Potter' to watch? the last one. He thinks it's the best. To make? The Order of the Phoenix.

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    By the 3rd 'Harry Potter' movie, Daniel Radcliffe says he was picking Gary Oldman's brain for acting tips all the time on set

  6. "I can't think of another place [the stage] where so many different disciplines come together to make 1 piece of art"

  7. "As we got older, we wanted to be pushed" - on evolving as actors after the first two films

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    Fun fact: Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint once wore gas masks to a music festival when they were teens to stay incognito.

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  10. When Radcliffe films, he kind of falls off the map, when he's doing a play he's more of a "functioning social human being"

  11. "It's such a weird thing to, on a stage, in front of loads of ppl., say you don't like attention" - Radcliffe & the spotlight

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    The fact that Dan Rad just subconsciously went into his Irish accent... x

  13. "Not to sound paranoid, but it's hard to trust people...you have to be your own, toughest critic" - Radcliffe

  14. "You don't know how lucky you are to have diners" - Dan Radcliffe on living in NYC compared to London

  15. Daniel Radcliffe about to take The stage at TheTimesCenter

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