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Worst Referee Decision's

door Ssasz alb • 822.602 weergaven

Italy vs Korea & Spain vs Korea (Worst Referee Decision's) in the world cup.

If I was in the Italian team, I would've tried to send some of those Korean players to the hospital
This shows how much you can do with money
2006 and 2010 champions: Italy and Spain. Put this in your asses Koreans.
Yes! They probably spend 1million quid on those calls and they are sooo sad that they cant even win eventhough cheating!! If any korean player sees this I want to make sure u know that is not the first time you do this and really all u show is how korea really is!
If not of bad refereeing italy could have won six world cups.
Italy should have won....I feel sorry for them.
Actually, Moreno was also arrested in 2010 for smuggling heroin in his underwear, and served jail time in the US for that.
Fuck Korea, corrupted ass country. Clearly they bought all the games
They hosted that World Cup so ye matchfixing much?
Yea thats not real Football..
Korean sucks. They are all shit and shameless.
two disgusting and corrupted refeeres..
Porco dio che partita stra venduta, ma alla grande..
Italy was an incredible team in 2002, much better than 2006! Blatter hates Italy and that explain it all!!
Referee matchfixing?
Ye what a great honest man Moreno is. Surley he wouldnt take money to cheat would he?? If i ever saw him on the street i would rip his head off and use it as a soccer ball.
Playing against Korea in the Japan/Korea World Cup was almost impossible, those referees were clearly trying to make the home team win, fucking criminals
Korean oppaa fucking style
No wonder the referee is japanese himself that little shit
So Italy won four world cups the 2 most world cup winners Italy won there first world cup in1934 then they won it the next world cup in 1938 wow then they won it again in1982 And the fourth world cup Italy won was in 2006 And korea never and would never won a world cup a nd Im from Italy( ps here there are all the world cups 1930 1934 1938 1942 1946 1950 1954 1958 1962 1966 1970 1974 1978 1982 1986 1990 1994 1998 2002 f*ck you 2006 2010 And now there would be a 2014 world cup:)
Lol. Italy flopped on half of those
technically there is no flopping in fut-ball  
Fuck those korean people always want to win on the wrong way 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Fifa is an association of motherfuckers.
fucking bitch referee...........full of cow shit on head..............motherfucker 
if Balotelli was born in 1980 and went to the 2002 world cup, I believe he would killed all these korean son of b*tches. Korean's culture is just like their women'e face, all faked, cheated every where.
That korean soccer players played like wild beasts and not like civilized humans, you can all see how horrible is been their playing style! Moreno: great shame!!!
They only won 2-1 lol they do suck
worst spelling ever haha
Christian Vieri missed a point blank shot in the 90th min.....nuff said............if he makes that, this video doesn't exist..........
Korea sucked fifa's dick
You can't blame Korea here. They fouled, the refs didn't call it. If they fouled and the refs did call it, this wouldnt be happenning
They kicked players in the head and didnt even appoligise or see if the player was ok. Koreans knew from the outset of these games that they would be allowed to get away with anything.
italy vs FIFA ... Spain vs FIFA
south korea is fuckkkkkkk,,, korea is ladyboy nation,,,fuckkkkk
This was the worst refereeing performances i have ever seen. It was so obvious the ref was paid off by the Korean officials who are as corrupt as the ref himself. Most corrupt ref ever a disgrace to the game itself and 2 hollow victories for korea who by the way have done absolutely nothing after this tournament, suprise suprise. The ref's bank account would have been full of South Korean dollars at the end of these 2 games and the fact Moreno was caught at a US airport trying to smuggle heroin 100% confirms he was paid off in this world cup.
Worst Youtube grammar mistakes. Decisions*
Balotelli would kill those Koreans
He would't have to dive moron the koreans would have chopped him all night and he still would have been sent off. Please explain to me why korea has done absolutely nothing since this tournament???? I'd be embarresed to win like that but the pathetic korean supporters actually enjoyed it and believed they won these games cause they were the better team LOL. What a joke.
South Korea in that World Cup we're cheaters I hate them
Doesn't anybody question who made this video?  The Italian and Spaniards - both of whom have dove their way to World Cup titles - were fouling just as much (watch the game, not this partial video).  The referees were excellent, when a slight nudge, or breath of air resulted in an Italian/Spaniard to collapse in horror, the ref didn't pay any attention to that nonsense and let the game be played.  Three cheers, if only FIFA woke up and demanded refs to stop falling for this garbage (you wonder if some of the refs have ever even played the game?).  The players are magicians with their feet yet somehow are collapsing from the slightest touch - it's embarrassing to watch.
Op-Op-Op! Oppa Gangnam Style!
IkR if they would try that again im sure they will go home with black eyes lolololol
this is korean style ! the worst team.
Korea= merda Korea= shit 
Corruptions !! The referees might be taking money under table :/ Was so angry at that time !! It wasn't a Fair Game !! :/
Round of 16th Korea vs Italy Quarter-finals Korea vs Spain Semi-finals Korea vs Germany Third place Korea vs Turkey World Cup Champion: 2006 Italy 2010 Spain 2014 Germany 2018 should be Turkey
Korea being physical (the way football should be played) and Italy and Spain falling over because the wind was a little breezy....thats what this video should have been called lol
Bu hareketleri bize yapsalar Alpay ölülerini sikerdi bunların
Moreno the ref at Korea - Italy was heroin dealer ...  One of the worst ref in history of football..
thumbs up if  you HATE italy... i know i do!
Italy had a great squad in 2002 and they could have won it all. Then they get screwed by a referee from a third world country.
fuck all asien they are all cheating fuck  
fking asain refs cant see shit 
Ref is a motherfucker
저때 이탈리아애들 팔꿈치로애들얼굴 가격한건 안적네.영상을 유리하게편집하니 천하에 저렇게 나쁜놈도없구나. 경기나 다 보고오세요
Korea is the shame of Asia... Fucking shits...
verguenza deberia darles a los mafiosos koreanos de arreglar los partidos una verguenza realmente
No doubt they were two different refs so obviously Korea paid them
this match always comes up under bad referee decisions and it baffles me!...of course there were a couple of decisions that went wrong....for both teams, but I feel the officials got the big ones right and korea deserved a win!....of course Italy always throw their arms in the air and shout cheat when they are dumped out of major tournaments but a little ,good loser, sportsmanship would be nice to see!!
This was a proper dodgy game to say the least
Why does this piss people of? Really? Like fotball now adays couldn´t use some referees that don´t stop the game everytime someone takes a fall...
+tvittori I think something needs to be done about the utterly stupid ways football is judged now and the fact that most people get away with throwing them selves to the ground as soon as another player is in the same area code...  Toughening up the rules and not stopping the game everytime someone feels the need to lie down to grab his foot for a while (and then run on it 20 sec later like nothing has happened) is definately a step in the right direction.
+eldsprutandedrake true, and actually some referee could just judge on video and give cards etc while game still go on. A sniper would apply red cards, cheating would cost half of it by the way. as it is supposed to be. But if you really want to fight cheaters in football you'll just kill Italian football.
If only there was Balotelli at that time, Korean would have thought about cheating twice more XD
+Antonio Luciano Ho menzionato Balotelli nel senso che se l'arbitro avesse fatto una cosa del genere in una partita del genere con Balotelli, sarebbe già morto XD sappiamo tutti che caratterino ha il caro Mario...
Ah ok, non avevo capito il senso, scusa :P
Korean players are completely shit
They are/were some amazing Koreans
-_- F**king korean cheaters
Moreno now is in jail facing a sentence for smuggling eroin
The only way Korea can go that far in world cup
I'm a Korean and thats true for the next 5 or so years
The most scandalous world cup ever
i hope those referees lose their jobs
Koreans paid a huge amount of money to refferee's. All of them were bribe. They used the fact they were a host of championship. i think nowadays they wouldn't have got away with it.
Not trying to argue but proof?
This just makes me so angry
Los Coreanos compraron el mundial y perdieron con Alemania jajajjajajajajaja
what the italians got out cheated is this possible 
can't blame em' they're italian
Oh ma sto swissmad chi cazzo e'?? Ma cosa ?cazzo vuole
hah korean,cheater, korean players are my fart 
Yeah but they are my dick b*tchs
Fuck korea, hope u die all.
The games between South Korea and Italy/Spain were obviously fixed
korean players are complete garbage
They are actually not that bad now.
no, they just have Gangnam Style..
Bias coz he's a Korean squinty eyed twat
I remember watching this game almost in tears at how disgraceful this game was. Italy were so cheated throughout the whole match. Especially when Maldini was booted in the head, as a Milan fan that pissed me off like crazy
Usually I would argue the Italians whine and complain whenever things don't go their way, but those matches with South Korea, it seemed obvious that those referees weren't neutral. Someone must have paid them a lot of money. Specially the spanish goal. The referee was perfectly positioned, and the ball was not even close to being out. South Korea should have been out then and there. Probably even sooner.
The ref for Italy match is now in prison for drugs smuggling. 
era il caso di mettere sta musica? diocane sembra che li stiano fucilando in fila
la gente ormai travisa un po' il significato di undici tizi strapagati che rincorrono una palla...non è più uno sport. è una guerra.
Grande! E' vero! ma come disse Churchill, gli italiani perdono le guerre come se fossero partite di calcio e le partite di calcio come se fossero guerre!
como odie a estos coreanos hijos de puta, y peor aun a ese maricon del arbitro Byron moreno que lo metieron preso por posesión de drogas en un aeropuerto de estados unidos, hubiera querido que le den mas de dos años en la cárcel, solo fueron 2 grrrr
Koreans are not allowed to be this good, is that it? becauz they never went this far in the WC?? and also, do people really enjoy being racist? this just shows the fouls committed from Koreans. people should watch the full match and then complain this much. yes, i do believe Italy is a good team and they did deserve to beat Korea. but still they were reckless too...Its the World cup.. there can be a lot of red cards....
Italy has more dirty games
what's the song called?
Yes that hurts stupid Byron Moreno F*ck you Byron Moreno
This is when the WC goes to Korea
Where's Henry vs Ireland
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